Traveling Spills-Not Necessarily a Disaster

Traveling Spills

How can you treat those annoying spills when you are traveling and not ruin your trip? Many stains can be removed if caught immediately and treated properly. The goal is to either remove the stain completely or safely suspend the stain until you can have the garment professionally cleaned. Too many times consumers rub stains with different concoctions in order to remove the stain quickly. They usually make matters worse by pulling color from the fabric, chaffing the stained area, creating a permanent water ring, or creating a hole in a delicate garment. Follow the tips outlined below and stop worrying about those annoying stains while on your trip.

Tips for all stains:

  • Never rub a stain-only blot
  • Use a White cloth napkin to work on stain-not a paper napkin
  • Check for color bleed on an unexposed seam before attempting to remove the stain
  • If in a hotel room use a hair dryer to dry stain after treating. Dry in a circular motion from outside the stain in to the center
  • If a garment has a delicate fabric such as silk, rayon, crepe or vibrant colors, dry blot only to remove stain. Then seek a professional to remove the stain safely without damage to the color or fabric. Using the solutions below may cause dye bleeding and leave a water ring.

Simple Stain Removal Tips

As soon as the spill occurs:

1.       Dry blot with white napkin to remove excess-Do not rub

2.       Ask your server or hotel concierge for the common items below to help remove the stain

3.       Test first on an unexposed seam or hem.  Put a drop of solution on a clean white cloth napkin and rub lightly 10 times on an unexposed seam.

4.       If no color transfers onto the napkin, you may proceed.

5.       Put a small amount of solution on a white napkin

6.       Blot by pressing the napkin on the stain until the stain transfers onto the napkin

7.       Continue until all traces of the stain is removed

8.       If you are at a hotel and have access to a hair dryer, dry the stain in a circular motion from the outside of the stain to the center

For Oil Based Stains such as grease, cooking fats, mayonnaise, salad dressing, Mix a drop or two of the following in a cup of water

  • Dishwashing detergent
  • Shampoo
  • Pine sol

For Plant Based or Tanin Stains such as Alcohol, Coffee, Tea, Wine or Fruit Juice, mix a drop or two of mild dishwashing detergent and one of the following in a cup of water

  • White Vinegar
  • Lemon Juice

For Protein Stains such as blood, perspiration, milk, egg whites, mix a drop of mild dishwashing detergent and ammonia in a cup of water and apply. Put a drop of product in a cup of water and mix.

If you are unsure of the nature of the stain, it is best to dry blot only and bring the garment to a cleaning professional. They will be able to analyze the stain and apply the proper stain removal and cleaning techniques. Remember, the goal is to safely remove the stain without damaging the garment. Please email me at with any questions or cleaning advice. Enjoy your trip!!

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