Garment Storage Tips

Storage tips For Your Clothing

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Here are some storage tips for your clothing when you get them back from the drycleaners

  • Always remove plastic bags from garments before putting in a closet or drawer. If left on the clothing, the moisture in the air will get trapped between the plastic and the fabric and may cause yellow staining.
  • If you need to cover a delicate garment, drape a cotton sheet over the items before storing.
  • You may keep the shoulder covers on the clothing to protect from dust and dirt.
  • We package all sweaters and bedding in breathable bags so it is safe to store in a closet or drawer
  • Try to keep clothing in a temperature controlled environment—–heated in the winter and cooled in the summer
  • To protect against moth damage, clean all woolens and other natural fabrics before storing after the winter season. We offer a free storage program and all garments are thoroughly cleaned and moth proofed for the season.


As part of our green clean program, we recycle all our packaging. This includes hangers, poly bags, sweater/comforter bags, and all other packaging materials. You may return to the store or leave for your driver on pick up days.

If you have any questions about storage or recycling, please contact me at or 860-677-2030.

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