Holiday Stain Removal Tips

Dont’ let stains ruin your holiday

During the holidays, I get many emergency phone calls from customers about food stains on clothing. Here are a few tips for safely removing unwanted stains from your favorite holiday garments.

The first step is to gently blot the stained area with a dry white cloth napkin. Never rub the garment as it may chafe the area and may also remove the color. This will help get rid of some of the stain before drycleaning. If the garment is washable and you want to attempt yourself, you may pre-treat before washing with a stain stick after testing on an unexposed area. For the gravy, soak in cold water with a grease boosting detergent(like Era) for 30 minutes before washing. For the chutney, use a detergent with a bleach booster like Tide/w Bleach. If the stain is still present, hang dry only as the heat from the dryer will only set the stain. If you would like for me to then try removing the stain, call Edricks Fine Drycleaning at 860-677-2030 to arrange for pick up and delivery service.

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